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Great Swamp Watershed Association, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, and Friends of Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge would like to thank the following for their donations of time, goods, services, and financial support:

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Team Scientists

  • Kirk Barrett, Montclair State University
  • Steve Byland, Friends of Great Swamp
  • Kathy Coyle Lee, College of St Elizabeth
  • Paul Cooper, Princeton Hydro
  • Sean Crouse, NJ DEP Fisheries
  • Tony Cullin, GSNWR
  • Emile DeVito, New Jersey Conservation Foundation
  • Anthony Ferriero, GSNWR Intern
  • Jenifer Freeman, Madison High School
  • Leo Hollein, Friends of Great Swamp NWR
  • Connie Hollein, Friends of Great Swamp NWR
  • Jon Gelhaus, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Steve Glenn, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Billy Goodman
  • Tom Gula
  • Betty Ann Kelly, Union County Parks
  • Marilyn Kitchell, GSNWR
  • Greg Kofsky, Americorps Watershed Ambassador
  • Calvin Lin, Americorps Watershed Ambassador
  • Jennifer Lastella, AmyGreene Consulting
  • Terri Layton, NJ Mycological Association
  • Caroline Maier, Drew University
  • Clifford Miles, Aphis, USDA
  • Colin Osborn, GSNWR
  • Tom Ostrand
  • Matt Palmer, Columbia University
  • Joyce Payeur
  • Peter Post, NYC.RR
  • Lisa Pfleub, Verizon Wireless
  • Blaine Rothauser, BR Environmental
  • Dave Sagan, GSNWR
  • Dorothy Smullen, NJ Mycological Association
  • Vicky Schwartz, Ph.D researcher
  • Fred Virazzi, National Biodiversity Parks
  • Tammy Windfelder, Drew University
  • Research Students, Drew University
  • Doug Weiss
  • Brian Zarate, Endangered and Non Game species Program

BioBlitz Committee

  • Mike Achey
  • Caroline Bogda
  • Cindy Bogda
  • Wes Boyce, GSWA Volunteer
  • Ann Campbell, GSWA Volunteer
  • Bob Crocco, GSWA Trustee
  • Terry Dyben, GSWA Volunteer
  • Hazel England, GSWA
  • Steve Howard, GSWA
  • Laura Nally, Friends of Great Swamp NWR
  • Susan Garretson Friedman, Friends of Great Swamp NWR
  • Laurel Gould, Friends of Great Swamp NWR
  • Steve Gruber, GSWA Volunteer
  • Laura Kelm, GSWA
  • Ari Kaufman, Photographer
  • Sharon McCann, GSWA
  • Jim McDonald, GSWA Trustee
  • Steve Reynolds, GSWA
  • Debbie Rice, GSWA
  • Sally Rubin, GSWA
  • Jon Rosenberg, Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
  • Frank Stillinger, GSWA Trustee
  • Lisa Stevens, GSWA Trustee
  • Ben Wolkowitz, GSWA Trustee


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