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Water Quality

Stream Gauge

Stream Gauge

GSWA works to preserve our local streams and protect water quality. There are five main streams in the watershed — Loantaka Brook, Great Brook, Primrose Brook, Black Brook, and the Upper Passaic. Water from these streams and their tributaries, along with any rain or snow that falls in the watershed, collects in the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, and exits as the mighty Passaic River near Millington Gorge. Over one million people get their drinking water from the Passaic River.

The monitoring work done by our “stream team” volunteers helped form the basis for the development of the first-ever Water Quality Standards for the Great Swamp Watershed, released in June 2002. These water quality standards help scientists, policy makers, and local officials protect the high quality streams from further degradation, as well as prioritize the more degraded streams for restoration efforts. The long-term goal is to maintain good water quality and, where possible, improve the overall water quality that sustains the flora and fauna of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and ultimately, the Passaic River.

Below are some of the water quality-related projects GSWA has recently completed and information on projects that are currently underway.

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects



Stream Monitoring
SWaMP program
Stormwater Runoff
Millington Gorge River Flow Gauge