The Benefits of Open Space

The Great Swamp Watershed Association

Leonard W. Hamilton, Ph.D.
Rutgers University    Science and Technology Advisor

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1. Open Space: Our Legacy to Future Generations

Hon. Stuart Udall

Our nation's successes and failures in protecting open space as a natural resource.

2. Conserving Regional Resources

Robert D. Yaro, Regional Plan Association

An analysis of issues that require cooperation of different levels of government and the general public to preserve open space, so as to provide common resources such as water, recreational facilities, clean air, and so forth.

3. The Ecological and Biological Benefits of Open Space

Richard Kane, NJ Audubon Society

A discussion of the contributions of open space to maintenance of biodiversity and protection of endangered species habitat.

4. The Psychological Value of Open Space

Nora Rubinstein, Ph. D.

The benefits of open space and the activities promoted by open space for both physical and psychological health. A general discussion of issues such as crowding, crime, disease, and other risk factors.

5. Visioning Open Spaces in New Development and Redevelopment

Anton C. Nelessen, Ph.D., Rutgers University

The importance of open space in community planning, with special emphasis on the contribution of these areas to community and neighborhood character.

6. Sustainable Communities Through Open Space Conservation

Robert Pirani, Regional Plan Association

An analysis of the goals and policies of resource management that will allow the permanent use of these resources for future generations.

7. Economic Benefits of Open Space

Stephen Miller, Isleboro Islands Trust

A simple analysis of the economic benefits that open space brings to a community and its individual home owners as an alternative to different forms of development that add to municipal costs and raise taxes.

8. Preserving Open Space Without Raising Constitutional Claims

Lisa Moore, Esq., Environmental Defense Fund

A discussion of the history and present status of laws that relate to such issues as takings, the owner's right to develop, and other issues that pit individual decisions against the general welfare.

9. The Financial Argument for Open Space Preservation

Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)

A resource paper that provides detailed background and practical methods on the costs of locating development on open space.


I. Know What You Are Chasing

Leonard Hamilton, Ph.D.

A step-by-step guide showing how to use municipal and county tax reports and other data to calculate the long-term economic impact of a specific project on the community.

II. Impact of Copperas Ridge Project on Rockaway Taxpayers

Alice Puleo and Leonard W. Hamilton, Ph.D.

A case history of a successful effort to block a housing project based on economic impact.

III. About the Authors

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