The GSWA 2022 Native Plant Sale Catalog

Order Placement Timeline

  • Prior to April 1, use the Catalog to preview offerings and decide early. All products will show “OUT OF STOCK” (not orderable).
  • April 1-22 the Order Entry will be open and each item will show as Available Units, but if “OUT OF STOCK” is shown, the item has sold out. Order as soon as you can beginning April 1.
  • ONLINE SALES ENDED as of April 22, midnight. See you next year!

GSWA and the 26 Native Plant Sale Community Partners are thrilled to offer you an expanded selection of Native Plants for 2022, building on our success from our first sale last year. We offer relatively deer-resistant, resilient species selected for North Jersey yards. All 28 species, available individually in units of five, are cost-effective and well-established Landscape Plugs, ready for planting.

We’ve also created six money- and effort-saving Garden Kits to suit a variety of typical garden conditions. Each kit of five different species units is designed to bloom from spring through fall year after year— feeding pollinators and providing color. These kits support a diversity of insects and birds including host plants for caterpillars, nectar and pollen for butterflies and bees, and habitat for wildlife.

Orders are to be picked up locally at your town’s participating pick-up location. At time of checkout, you can choose from one of the 14 locations based on the location, date and time that works best for you. CLICK HERE to preview Pickup Locations made available through our Plant Sale Partners.

We are seeking plant sale volunteers to help process all these great native plants the week of April 25-29th. Sign up for a spot at

We are grateful to North Creek Nurseries for providing most of the photos; and to Deb Ellis for the Golden Alexander, Hazel England for the Obedient, and Kim Smith for the Seaside Goldenrod photos.

2022 Plant Sale Categories

Garden Kits
GSWA Individual Species Plugs
GSWA Plant Sale Merchandise
GSWA Plant It Forward Donation

Garden Kits

Sunny Basic KitFive-species kit for moist soil includes Golden Alexander, Swamp Milkweed, Virginia Mountain Mint, Purple Coneflower, and New York Aster.

Available in 3 sizes, each with five different species including the Standard Kit with 25 Plugs – $60, Small Kit with 15 Plugs – $40, and Tiny Kit with 10 Plugs – $30.

Sunny Expansion Kit Product Page – $60

For more diversity and enjoyment, five additional flower species for moist soil with 5 plugs each of Foxglove Beardtongue, Red Columbine, Anise Hyssop, Cardinal Flower, and Showy Goldenrod covers about 50 square feet. 25 Plugs

Rain Garden Expansion Kit Product Page – $60

Five species kit – three additional flower species, a sedge, and a grass – for a mostly sunny rain garden with 5 plugs each of Blue Flag Iris, Pennsylvania Sedge, Switchgrass, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed, and Seaside Goldenrod covers about 50 square feet. 25 Plugs

Shade Kit Product Page – $60

Five species kit for moist soil standard with 5 plugs each of Wreath Goldenrod, Blue Lobelia, and Blue Wood Aster and 4 plugs each of Foamflower and Christmas Fern covers about 50 square feet. 23 Plugs

Individual Species

All 28 species can be purchased as individual strips of plugs. Species selected cover a full season of blooming periods (Mar-Oct), sun, part sun to shade conditions, wet to dry moisture levels, and a range of soil types. Each individual species plug strip contains 5 Landscape Plugs with the two exceptions of Christmas Fern and Foamflower, which are strips of 4 plugs. Download the Individual Plant Conditions Table to help in your selection.

Basic Light Level Definitions

  • Full sun– 6 or more hours of direct sun per day
  • Part Sun– 4-6 hours of direct sun per day
  • Shade– less than 4 hours of direct sun per day

Other Products to Consider

Plant It Forward!
Help GSWA staff to spread the joy of native plants to schools throughout the Passaic watershed. Your donation will help us buy plants to be installed in Paterson, Newark and other rain gardens.

  • A $30 Donation buys 15 plant plugs
  • A $50 Donation buys 25 plant plugs
  • A $100 Donation buys soil amendment
  • A $250 Donation buys 2 native trees and 3 shrubs for rain gardens.

Pollinator Pathway Garden Sign – $10 or $20
Help spread the word and order a 6″ or 12″ metal sign showing your yard is on the Pollinator Pathway.

GSWA “Plant for Pollinators” Baseball Cap – $28
Wear your love for gardening and pollinators on top of your head.

Plant Sale Discount of GSWA Membership – $40
Please help us achieve our mission to protect water and land for a healthier environment now and for the future. Become a member of GSWA and enjoy all the benefits of members until May 2023.

Quick Start Gardening Guides

Each garden kit comes with a garden owner’s manual including a sample garden design. Download the manuals early to help you prepare your garden. 

The sample kit designs are just guidance and assume plots with a shorter plants in front and a taller plants in back. But pollinators care only about convenience, not design aesthetics. Be creative to achieve what you want in your garden! 

  • For a garden that needs lower edges on more sides spread one kit around, buy extra plants of the lower species, or use multiple kits  
  • Change the shape to be rounder or deeper or wider.
  • Blend the kit into other flowers, groundcovers and shrubs
  • Buy extra plants of individual kit species that you particularly love. 
  • Treat yourself and the pollinators to a few of the amazing non-kit individual species. All 8 are first-class favorites!

Care Requirements

The Kits for Sun needs Sun to Part Sun (6+ hours of sun per day to 4-6 hours of sun per day with some of it in the afternoon) and moist soil. 

The Kit for Shade need Part Shade to Moderate Shade (4-6 hours of sun in the AM or dappled tree canopy shade all day) and moist soil.

(In our area neither should need any supplementary water after they are established). 

Moist soil is the most common garden condition in our area but it does not cover all cases. For planting a garden with dry soil or wet soil, assemble your own selection of Individual Species whose descriptions show that they are compatible in that situation (including many of the plants within the kits).