Pollinator Pathway Garden Sign – 12″


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Order the Pollinator Pathway 6″ or 12″ metal sign showing your yard is free of pesticides, includes native plants and trees, and is on the Pollinator Pathway!

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How to “Bee” Part of the Pollinator Pathway

Create a way-station for pollinators!

  • plant native pollinator-friendly trees, shrubs, and perennials!
  • provide a source of clean water
  • leave some dead wood and dirt patches for nesting bees

Rethink your lawn.

  • leave the clippings on the grass as fertilizer rather than adding chemicals​
  • leave the leaves–many pollinators overwinter in leaf matter
  • consider the use of slow-release organic fertilizers or none at all
  • reduce lawn size by adding native plants
  • mow less often
  • no need for pesticides! this means a healthy lawn for your children and pets too!

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