CREDIT: Ari Kaufman
Aug 10
Paterson Schools to Acquire New Rain Gardens

By Kristina Necovska, GSWA Membership Associate

Thanks to a green infrastructure grant won by Paterson Storm Water Management Resource Training (Paterson SMART), two Paterson schools will soon have gorgeous new rain gardens. The impact will be immediate – students and faculty will soon enjoy the beauty of native New Jersey trees and plants while the gardens provide a huge service behind the scenes. These two rain gardens will act as enormous living sponges and prevent half a million gallons of stormwater from entering the Paterson’s sewage systems each year.

Great Swamp Watershed Association is looking forward to providing the educational programming to School 4 and School 28 which will help train students and faculty to own and appreciate the value of these wonderful new additions to their city.

You can read more about this wonderful new project here.