Native Pollinator Plant Sale

April 1 at 9:00 am
We have restocked! Place your order now through April 22.   Native Plant Pollinator gardens are delightful for homeowners and necessary to sustain wildlife. Finding a full selection of native…

Chatham-Madison Town-wide Yard Sale to Benefit GSWA

April 17 at 9:00 am
REGISTRATION TO HOST A YARD SALE HAS CLOSED, BUT YOU MAY STILL PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A PERMIT! Shoppers, over 100 households are participating in this three-town-wide yard sale on Saturday, April…

Houseplants: Health Benefits & Tending Tips – Zoom

April 18 at 2:00 pm
Registration closes April 18 @ 12 noon.   Houseplants help improve indoor air quality because they help to filter out air pollutants and clean the air within your home. This…

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From hikes to educational workshops, GSWA offers a wide variety of environmentally focused programs. We'd love to have you join us at an upcoming event!
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Land Stewardship

GSWA receives national accreditation! Becomes one of only eight organizations in New Jersey to achieve this recognition!  


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Things to See and Do

From hiking and biking, to horseback riding and kayaking, there are countless outdoor activities to enjoy in this area. What adventure will you go on today?



Watershed Friendly Homes

Every individual home has an effect on non-point source pollution in our watershed. Learn more about what you can do to minimize your impact with our interactive home guide.




Everyone has right to clean water. Riverkeepers are on the frontlines of the global water crisis, using the advocacy model to stand up for that right. At GSWA, we are the official Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate for the Passaic River.


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Featured Programs


In-School Education

GSWA is dedicated to teaching the younger generations about their impact on the watershed and river. Every year, we reach over 3,000 students through our in-school programming.


Water Quality

Every year, we publish a Water Quality Report Card about the prior year to help inform the public about the data we collect and the issues our watershed faces.

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GSWA in Action

Want to learn more about GSWA and the work that we do? View our photo gallery to see us in action.
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GSWA Partner Events


GSWA Partner Events

GSWA and its partners in our historic watershed and across the Passaic River region are excited to provide you with a listing of free-to-the-public environmental events happening locally.
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Featured Post


Visualizing 100 years of New Jersey’s Wetlands

February 2 is World Wetlands Day – We invite you to take a look over the last 100 years to see just how New Jersey has became one of the most densely populated states in the nation. By the 1970s over half of the nation’s wetlands have already been lost to residential development or industry. Even today, the incorrect notion that wetlands are wastelands still percolates through and it is our job to help people understand that wetlands are wonderlands…
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GSWA Fall-Winter 2020 Newsletter

GSWA publishes an organizational newsletter two times per year, fall/winter and spring/summer. Each edition contains timely and informative articles contributed by GSWA staff members. GSWA members receive a hard copy of our newsletters, however, our electronic version may be viewed by anyone. Check it out!
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