Speakers Bureau

Credit: Bill Lynch

Our knowledgeable staff is available to present at your next meeting. We are happy to conduct environmental presentations for garden clubs, scout groups, businesses, environmental commissions, and other civic organizations. We also have space available to host these programs at our offices. Presentations are free, but we do ask for a donation to our organization to offset for our staff’s time and efforts. Below is a list of available presentations, although we are happy to work with you to create a customized program that suits the needs or interests of your group.

Watershed Report Card Program

Curious about the health of the streams in the Great Swamp Watershed? GSWA Director of Water Quality, Sandra LaVigne, will discuss the results of her most recent stream sampling via the annual Great Swamp Water Quality Report Card. This presentation helps educate people on the current quality of our streams and how individuals affect water quality.

All About GSWA and the Watershed

Not sure what a watershed is and what GSWA does? We’ll discuss our advocacy, education, stewardship, and the scientific based water quality research that underpins everything we do. We’ll also talk about what you can do to get involved in the issues and work of the organization, and why the health of the Great Swamp and Passaic River and so important to NJ.

How to Build a Rain Garden

In this in-depth how-to program, GSWA Director of Education and Outreach, Hazel England, will discuss the benefits of managing stormwater by installing a rain garden in your home. Rain Gardens are shallow depressions, planted with shrubs and perennials that absorb stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways, and other impervious surfaces, helping to recharge groundwater, slow flooding, and reduce nonpoint source pollution in our waterways. Hazel will discuss everything from how to pick the right location for your rain garden, to how to create it, and what plants to include. You’ll leave armed with the knowledge needed to create your own rain garden.

DIY Environemental Cleaning Products

White vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice…no, not the ingredients in a salad dressing, but the basis of many environmentally safe cleaning products! Learn more about what ingredients in daily personal and household cleaning products you need to be wary of, how not all environmental labeled products are created equally and why you should be concerned.  Common ingredients in many household products can have detrimental environmental impacts on you, the local environment and our regional water supply. Leave with some DIY cleaning product recipes and some homemade cleaning products to start you off!

Gardening For Wildlife

During this workshop, GSWA Director of Education and Outreach, Hazel England will teach you how to use native plants to attract beneficial wildlife into your backyard. You’ll learn about the value that wildlife brings, and leave the presentation armed with a trove of information about what you need to plant in order to support local bird, bee, and butterfly populations.

If you’d like to schedule a program, please email Hazel England at hazele@greatswamp.org.