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Nov 03

Our Own Hazel England is Honored for Wildlife Conservation

Congratulations to Hazel England, GSWA Director of Outreach and Education! Hazel was one of four women honored at the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey (CWF) 12th annual Women & Wildlife Awards on Wednesday, November 1 at Duke Farms. Since 2006, CWF has been recognizing special individuals for their “achievements on behalf of New Jersey’s wildlife and the advances they have made in professions in which women have long been underrepresented.”

With over 24 years as an environmental educator and a naturalist in New Jersey, Hazel’s passion to engage and teach people of all ages only continues to grow. Since joining GSWA in 2004, she has spearheaded numerous educational programs in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the upper Passaic region. She also manages the stewardship of our Conservation Management Area in Harding Township, coordinating restoration at the site. This is also a favorite spot for her to bring her students to teach them about preservation efforts as she explains our goal to restore the area to its natural state, free of deer and invasive species, and home to several state and federally designated threatened species.

Hazel England and her students go right to the source.

“Tonight we are recognizing four great women who have done wonderful things and who have worked in their own way to make this world and this state a better place,” said former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean in his keynote speech. “They have worked to do whatever has to be done to make sure that when we pass this planet down to our children, and our grandchildren, that it is not worse than what we received. These four women show us what great things an individual can do for all of us.”

Hazel is an excellent role model, who gets some of her greatest joys in life by sparking curiosity and wonder in her students. She’s not in it for the recognition… she’s naturally motivated by inspiring others to learn about protecting and preserving the environment, and encouraging them to take responsibility of the planet.

“I am honored to have received the Educator Women & Wildlife Award from Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. It was truly humbling to be in the company of such inspirational women who are working in the field of conservation,” Hazel said. “I’m thrilled that my two daughters got to experience this event with me; learning about the great work these other remarkable women are doing, and gaining some very direct political insight from Governor Tom Kean. It was a real privilege to hear him speak and a highlight of the night for me.”

Congratulations, Hazel, and keep on inspiring!

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