Vegan Meal Challenge – Put Their Money Where Your Mouth Is!

$75 will be donated to GSWA for every gourmet vegan meal served at the Gala.

Spinach Ravioli in Barolo Pomodoro Sauce 

(contains nuts)

As someone who is passionate about protecting the environment, consider this:

  • 550 gallons of water can be saved when you choose the vegan meal (versus the steak option) at the Gala. SOURCE
  • 55% of water consumed in the US is used for animal agriculture while only 5% of water consumed in the US is used by private homes. SOURCE
  • Over 50% of water pollution is caused by raising livestock. SOURCE
  • 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef. SOURCE
  • 1,000 gallons of water are required to produce 1 gallon of milk. SOURCE
  • Animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than the entire transportation industry. SOURCE

Select the vegan menu option at this year’s Gala to further support GSWA and the environment.

Make a difference one meal at a time!

“A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use,” says Oxford University’s Joseph Poore.
As faculty at Oxford University, he exhaustive study published in the prestigious journal Science on the full impact of animal products, from the feedlot to your plate.

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