Giving Tuesday

CREDIT: Director of Education, Hazel Engalnd

What is #GivingTuesday? 

a global day of giving that takes place on social media celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and kicks off the charitable season. #GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving.

Environmental Education is integral to GSWA’s Mission

Since its founding in 1981, environmental education has been essential to GSWA’s efforts to instill an awareness and understanding of our personal role in the link between the health of our environment and the daily choices we make that impact our waters and lands.

Give a meaningful gift this year on Giving Tuesday; a gift that will benefit you, your family and future generations by having a healthier environment in which to live. Support our unique and highly-respected environmental education and outreach programs… programs that educate the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

Our challenge – Your opportunity 

A gift of $1,000* can provide an environmental program for a group of urban city students from a school in Paterson or Newark, NJ. They will participate in classes led by our award-winning educators that give them the knowledge and skills to design, equip and maintain a rain garden on their school grounds. These rain gardens absorb hundreds of gallons of water that would otherwise inundate ailing city sewer systems.

A gift of $500* could help fund an outreach program to a city or town on the Passaic River with our expert water quality monitoring staff, officials. Public briefings are held that educate the town’s people on best practices they can adopt to help protect and improve their local waters and lands.

A gift of $250 could allow GSWA to host an additional event in our series of very popular Breakfast Briefings, which feature expert speakers that help educate residents of the region in matters of concern such as  open space management, climate change, and flooding and stormwater runoff.

A gift of $100 can enable our hardworking stewardship staff to add ten feet of boardwalk to the wetlands portion of a trail in our Conservation Management Area (CMA) in Harding Township. The CMA serves as our outdoor classroom, research lab, and public trails for you and for hundreds of students each year from across northern NJ.

A gift of $50 could keep one of those students very happy and dry as they explore the streams of the CMA in a pair of new, waterproof knee boots. Giving kids hands-on, in-the-water, learning experiences is the key to them understanding the real issues of pollution in our rivers and streams.

*As a special thank you for your generosity, any gift made at the $500 level and above will receive the award-winning documentary Saving the Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat the Jetport. Please call or e-mail our Director of Development, Wade Kirby, (973-538-3500 ext.17) if you would prefer a DVD or Blu-Ray.