CREDIT: Ari Kaufman
Aug 19

Take Back the Tap: Blind Water-Taste-Test Results

We recently hosted a water tasting to help educate people on the many varieties of water available to the public. For this blind taste-test we selected six different types water: Poland Spring, ZEROWATER filtered water, Shoprite bottled spring water, PUR filtered tap water, unfiltered/untreated well water, and the public supply water containing bleach. All samples were served at room temperature from unlabeled cups. Of the 36 participants who tasted and voted, the number 1 favorite was… (drumroll please…)

PUR filtered tap water with 11 votes.

Next in line was the unfiltered/untreated well water coming in at 9 votes. The Shoprite brand spring water came in third with 6 votes, followed by the public supply with 5 votes, Poland Spring water with 3 votes, and finally, the ZEROWATER filtered water with 2 votes. This event helped bring attention to the benefits of using tap water because of the nutrients and minerals that are found in it. These nutrients and minerals help give water its taste, which is no surprise why the two best liked waters were the PUR filtered tap water and the untreated and unfiltered well water. These two sources were entirely safe to drink and tasted much better than any of the others. To remain environmentally friendly and get in your daily water intake, get yourself a reusable water bottle and fill it with water straight from the tap!