Mar 23

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources for Great Swamp Watershed and Extended Region


Official State of New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub

Feeling unwell? click here for COVID-19 Self Assessment and learn what to do.

Please Note: Don’t see your town? Click your county for more information.
This page is being updated daily. Have a question? Refer to your county and/or municipal website for more information.

Essex County – Click here for county updates



Newark: Click here for information regarding COVID-19


Morris County

See Below for Morris County Guidelines or click here

Concerned you might be at risk for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  • If you are having symptoms: Call First
    • Communicate travel history and symptoms before arriving at a doctor’s office or health care facility, enabling the provider to determine the best setting for you to receive care.
  • Stay home except to get medical care 
    • Restrict your activities to limit the spread of the virus. If your symptoms are not severe, consider going online for 24/7 access to board-certified physicians for consultations, diagnosis & treatment.
  • Separate yourself
    • Limit contact with other people and animals in your home.  When possible, stay in a separate room and use a separate bathroom.
  • Other tips
    • The CDC also recommends wearing a face mask, covering coughs and sneezes, cleaning hands often, avoiding sharing personal household items, cleaning commonly touched surfaces and more.


Passaic County – Health Updates


Somerset County – click here for county page


Union County – click here for county page

Berkeley Heights 

New Providence



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