Jan 09

Platt Elected to Lead GSWA as New Board Chairperson


We are thrilled to announce that Nicolas W. Platt, former Harding Township Mayor, was elected as the new Board Chairperson of the Great Swamp Watershed Association. Following is the press release that was shared with all of the local newspapers in the region.


HARDING TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY — Former Mayor of Harding Township, Nicolas W. Platt, was elected as Board Chairperson of the Great Swamp Watershed Association (GSWA) on January 5, 2018.  Platt has served as a GSWA board member since 2016 and has been a long-time supporter of this environmental organization. Platt was an honoree at the 2015 GSWA gala, recognized for his lifelong commitment to conservation and open space advocacy. He also chaired GSWA’s well-attended 2017 gala event that recognized Governor Christine Todd Whitman for her conservation efforts.

Platt commuted to New York City for 33 years working for large multinational corporations. He currently sits on the public board of GAMCO Advisors, is President of the Hartley Dodge Foundation, and was recently named to the Board of the Eisenhower Foundation based in Abilene, Kansas.  He has two adult children. Lauren lives and works in London and Ashley lives and works in New York City.

“Nic’s accomplishments relating to environmental issues over the last three decades is remarkable,” says Sally Rubin, Executive Director of GSWA. “He was at the forefront of recognizing the loss of the night sky from light pollution and its effects on health, and was involved in Harding Township being the only municipality in New Jersey to embrace ‘Dark Sky’ protection that is now part of the Town’s Master Plan.” Platt served on the Harding Land Trust and the Environmental Commission for over 10 years, and remains on the Harding Township Committee, to which he was elected in 2009.

“GSWA just completed its most remarkable year ever and it is critical that this momentum continues,” Platt said. He went on to explain that “GSWA is a water company. It has the same responsibilities to protect its watersheds as a public utility but it shares none of the financial rewards, which is why our fundraising efforts are so important.”

Platt succeeds Matthew Krauser, Senior Managing Director of Newmark Knight Frank Valuation & Advisory. Krauser served as Chairperson for two years and will remain on the Board of Directors.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Matt’s leadership these past two years,” Rubin said. “He has been a great pleasure to work with and has been an inspiration to his fellow board members, to me, and the entire staff.”

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