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Jan 22

News in Micro: January 2020 Edition

Read the Great Swamp Watershed Association blog to find out what’s going on in microplastic news in the Great Swamp watershed, Passaic River region, New Jersey, and the rest of the world. What are microplastics? Start here for the who, what, where, why, and hows of microplastics.


    • 2020 Wild and Scenic Film Festival – See which environmental short films were nominated for the 2020 Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Winner of the 2020 Festival was the beautiful and poignant foreign film, Honeyland (2019). Watch one of our faves here, “Sounds of Survival“.

  • TEDx Talk on Microplastics: Knowns, Unkowns, and Actions, Dr. Sheila Hermami –  Microplastic is the ultimate fate for nearly all plastic that escapes the solid waste management pipeline – and we can’t even see it. This talk describes the origin of microplastic, its pathways into the world’s oceans, and effective (and ineffective) ways to mitigate this type of pollution. It provides a framework by which we can start to understand and act to impact this environmental challeng



  • Think About What you Wear, – More than synthetic fibers, chemical treatments like adding silver to textiles for their anti-bacterial properties leach into the water supply as a potent biocide.  “What many consumers do not know is that silver is classified as a biocide; that is to say, a toxin. In the long run, the silver found in the water cycle can pose a significant threat to the wealth of life in the sediments of our lakes and seas. Sediment-dwelling creatures and organisms play a crucial role in the biological networks created by nature.”

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compiled by Kristina Necovska, GSWA wearer of many hats; Membership, GIS, and Social Media guru.