Oct 06
Credit: G. Scully

Watershed Watch: Seaton Hackney Stables, Sep. 2014

Credit: G. Scully

An aerial shot of Seaton Hackney Stables. Hundreds of newly planted trees are visible within the enhanced buffer area on the right side of the photo. This vegetation will help protect and improve water quality along Loantaka Brook. Credit: G. Scully

Loantaka Brook Reservation, Morris County Park CommissionThe three-year, $300,000 New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) 319 grant for stormwater improvements at Seaton Hackney Stables (Morris Township) concluded this summer. Horses have all been moved a significant distance away from Loantaka Brook, and pastures are now drier and more useable.

The vegetated area protecting the brook from stormwater runoff has been expanded, and, thanks to an additional $250,000 investment made by PSE&G, hundreds of trees and bushes now grow within that buffer. Some additional enhancements will be installed this fall, but have already been designed and approved.

GSWA is proud of the improvements made at Seaton Hackney. Stop by and take a look!

We would like to thank our partners in this project—Morris County Park Commission, Rutgers University, Princeton Hydro, and PSE&G.

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